Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hold the Fat Please

I was told that I had not blogged in like five weeks so here we go.

A week ago, I went and had blood work done. I had to drink the dreaded glucose yuck!! I found out when you have this do and you are not pregnant you get the pleasure of drinking twice as much. Oh, joy! The reason the doctor thought I needed to have this test is I have been having some crazy symptoms i.e. moodiness, fatigue, and unable to loose weight. I am a fat bitch. Turns out I have Insulin Resistance. That means that my body makes too much insulin, which could be causing my symptoms. How do you treat it? You loose weight. Therefore, I am going to jump on the bandwagon with my crazy brother and go on his fruit, vegetables, and beans (with no salt) only diet. He has been on it since February and has lost 30 pounds. My goal is to lose 60 pounds. I plan to document my progress on a separate blog if any one is interested. I may even put up a before picture. I think this is going to be a lifestyle change that is going to take awhile for me to get used to, but it is something I really want to do for my daughter and myself. I am sure my husband will like it too. So, if you come to my houses for dinner bring a head of lettuce and toilet paper. I have a feeling the need for toilet paper in this house is about to skyrocket.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


If your child had the chicken pox vaccine, they can probably will get the chicken pox.
I took Kay to the doctor yesterday. We had to go to the back entrance. They put us right in a room. The doctor came checked out her spots and confirmed what I had already diagnosed her with on the Internet. Chicken pox!!! Oh and just for good measure and ear infection as well. I had no idea that her ear even hurt. She has never had an ear infection before!!!
Off we went out the back entrance with an antibiotic and some really strong antihistamine. They did not even want me to go up front and pay my co pay. They just wanted us out. My poor baby is miserable. I told her not to scratch so she is rolling around on the carpet. Sad I know. I was told that since she had the vaccine they would not be as bad or last as long. So, the vaccine was worth it. Although a little heads up that she could still catch them would have been nice. Oh and by the way, my hubby has not had them or the vaccine. Fun times ahead!!

Did anyone watch the Jon and Kate “Going Green” episode Sunday night? I cannot believe the audacity of Kate. She was complaining the entire time. I mean come on Kate. I really used to like you. I thought you were a real mom in the real world, but now you have all the money you could want, and you think it is ok to treat people like shit. Where would you be if it were not for your TV show? I mean really. One more thing please stop playing with your earring. I am concerned for the safely of your earlobe.

Hope that you all have a great hump day!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


OK so Kay has had a fever since Sunday. Nothing seems to hurt, but she does have a runny nose. She woke me up last night COVRED in spots. She looks like my Dalmatian. I am like great we are going to have to go to the doctor. It was about 1:00a.m and she was miserable. The weird thing is they are mostly on her feet and hands. I call the doctor and they said it sounds like chicken pox. Wait she had the vaccine. Turns out you can still get them even if you have the vaccine. Hmmmm could have saved some money. Anyway I am getting ready to take her. Oh and by the way, they asked us to enter through the back door. I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

50 Things

Here are 50 things about me you may or may not want to know.

I believe in God I am a Christian.
My parents were married until I was 21.
My mom has had breast cancer twice.
I have two brothers my oldest died when he was born.
I met my husband at an EMT class.
I took the EMT class to meet boys.
I did not like my husband when I first met him.
My first speeding ticket was for 38mph in a 35mph zone.
My second was 78mph in a 45mph zone.
My father in law is a preacher.
I rarely agree with what he says.
I believe that ALL people should have the same rights.
I am a democrat
My dad is a democrat
My mom is a republican
I am scared of vomit.
I have a friend who is scared of pubic hair.
I have OCD
I have OCD
I wash my hands at least 20 times a day.
I use a roll of paper towels a day.
I am really starting not to like Kate Gosslien.
I am excited that Anna Dugger is pregnant.
I pray the same prayer every night.
I love reading blogs.
I wish I could write better.
I have nightmares about the NICU
I hate to have people spend the night with me.
The first boy I ever kissed was named Will.
My moms first kiss was Will’s dad.
I love the TV show Bewitched I DVR it everyday.
I had my daughters named picked out since I was 17.
I had my daughter when I was 28.
I cursed my doctor when I was in the hospital on bed rest
My mother and father in law once had an accident during sex.
I am VERY sorry I know this.
I had to go in the bathroom and laugh while we were at the hospital with them.
My father in law thinks that I think he had a hernia
I know that a very close friend of mine is having an affair.
I like to read.
I like to roller skate.
I was bullied in middle and high school.
I have a learning disability in math.
I went to nursing school, but had to quit. See #16
I have never been out if the country.
I do not like to go on vacation.
My husband used a really lame pick up line on me.
I have been married 11 years.
I admire single mothers.
I am so glad this is over.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


My husband is a boob man. He loves the boobs. Since we have been married I have come to realize if he is having a bad day or is just in a crappy mood, a little flash of boob and he is good to go. The other day we had a communication break down. He thought that he was supposed to go by the vet and pick up Annie’s medicine I thought I was supposed to go. Anyhow we both ended up at the vets office at the same time. I pulled beside him. It was raining and kind of chilly. He was sitting in his vehicle with his windshield wipers going and his lights on. I waved and smiled. Then I had a great idea show him some boob and make his day. I was getting everything ready and was just about to pull out the goods when his window went down. IT WAS NOT MY HUSBAND!!! You see he was in his company vehicle that has dark tinted windows. He had gone into the vets office while his coworker stayed in the car to wait on him. Do you know what would have happened if he had not rolled down his window at that exact moment? I would be packing my stuff and moving. I do still keep asking myself the same question repeatedly, why? Why did he roll down his window right then? I am very glad he did. He saved my dignity. Lesson learned. Keep the strip shows for the hubby at home

Friday, March 27, 2009

Something Nice??

Have you ever wanted to do something nice for someone? Have you ever done something nice for someone just to have them tell you thanks, but no thanks? Well that happened to me. I am not particularly close to my in laws. Do not get me wrong I am not at war with them. We just see things differently. I thought for their anniversary my husband and I should do something special for them. (OK we kinda forgot last year, and it was a big one.) I booked them a really nice cabin in the mountains for two nights. It was all set they could take their dog and all. I called and told my MIL she was giddy with excitement. She told me that she had really wanted to go somewhere. Well about two hours later she called to inform me that my FIL did not want to go. His reason? He did not really have one. He did mention that they did not have enough money to eat if they went. OK I get that but, it has a full kitchen you can cook all of your meals. Breakfast was provided. I mean they are going to eat somewhere. When I called them back last night they were OUT eating dinner. What do you think the deal is? Is he afraid that I am going to send him to a place with vibrating beds and, a condom machine in the bathroom? I do not know why he does not want to go, but my feelings are really hurt.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm Back!!!

OK for my one reader out there I am back to blogging. I have been reading blogs all along. Yes that is me stalking your blog. You all have such interesting things to say. The way you ladies express yourselves is phenomenal. I am not even close to being a writer, but every now and then I have a funny story to tell.

As for the family...we are doing well. Miss Kay will not wear her glasses. I have tried EVERYTHING!!!! We are now putting Atropine drops in her "good" eye every third day. She is now crossing her "good" eye, but I am told that is normal. She goes back to the doctor in April.

We finally moved into our new house. It has been almost three years since we left our old one. I still get home sick for the old house and town, but I am much better than I was.

Well hopefully this will last and I can share some of my crazy stories.