Sunday, November 12, 2006

My first post!!

OK so I am new at this blog thing. I am kinda thinking it will be like free therapy. My first post is going to be kinda long so please get a snack and something to drink. Let me just take you back to last year at this time. I was in the hospital pregnant with my little pumpkin. I gotta tell you I did not feel so hot. I was on magnesium sulfate which by the way SUCKS!!! I remember Dr. P and the nurse saying its OK you are just going to feel like you have the flu. OK maybe I have never had a bad case of the flu, but this stuff was HELL!!!! I could not move I literally had to be pulled up in the bed. They brought me chicken broth to eat and I poured it on the floor involuntarily. If you are reading this and you might have to get a good dose of mag sulfate beware it does make you feel like crap, but it was well worth it. It kept me pregnant long enough to get the steroids for Pumpkins lungs. So fast forward a couple of days because to be honest I do not remember the details because of my drug induced stupor. On November 20th when I was 32 weeks Dr. P came into my room and said today is the day. My blood pressure had gone up it was 210/160 that morning and my body could just not take anymore. So within minutes I was in the O.R. Then the most amazing thing happened out of my really big stomach came a beautiful little girl. She weighed 4lbs 1oz and was 16 1/2 inches long. She was breathing on her own and was whisked away to the NICU. She would spend 49 days there fighting for her life. NICU life is like riding a roller coaster. There were good days there were bad days. The worst day was Dec.8th. She was diagnosed with NEC they caught it very early and she was treated with antibiotics and had nothing to eat for 14 days. She is strong that child of mine. She finally came home on Jan. 6th. Since then I have been learning how to be a mom. Not something they teach in school. I should have started this long ago, but time has not been something I have a lot of. So as Pumpkin is about to turn one I hope that I can write about our adventures.