Friday, March 27, 2009

Something Nice??

Have you ever wanted to do something nice for someone? Have you ever done something nice for someone just to have them tell you thanks, but no thanks? Well that happened to me. I am not particularly close to my in laws. Do not get me wrong I am not at war with them. We just see things differently. I thought for their anniversary my husband and I should do something special for them. (OK we kinda forgot last year, and it was a big one.) I booked them a really nice cabin in the mountains for two nights. It was all set they could take their dog and all. I called and told my MIL she was giddy with excitement. She told me that she had really wanted to go somewhere. Well about two hours later she called to inform me that my FIL did not want to go. His reason? He did not really have one. He did mention that they did not have enough money to eat if they went. OK I get that but, it has a full kitchen you can cook all of your meals. Breakfast was provided. I mean they are going to eat somewhere. When I called them back last night they were OUT eating dinner. What do you think the deal is? Is he afraid that I am going to send him to a place with vibrating beds and, a condom machine in the bathroom? I do not know why he does not want to go, but my feelings are really hurt.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm Back!!!

OK for my one reader out there I am back to blogging. I have been reading blogs all along. Yes that is me stalking your blog. You all have such interesting things to say. The way you ladies express yourselves is phenomenal. I am not even close to being a writer, but every now and then I have a funny story to tell.

As for the family...we are doing well. Miss Kay will not wear her glasses. I have tried EVERYTHING!!!! We are now putting Atropine drops in her "good" eye every third day. She is now crossing her "good" eye, but I am told that is normal. She goes back to the doctor in April.

We finally moved into our new house. It has been almost three years since we left our old one. I still get home sick for the old house and town, but I am much better than I was.

Well hopefully this will last and I can share some of my crazy stories.