Tuesday, April 14, 2009


My husband is a boob man. He loves the boobs. Since we have been married I have come to realize if he is having a bad day or is just in a crappy mood, a little flash of boob and he is good to go. The other day we had a communication break down. He thought that he was supposed to go by the vet and pick up Annie’s medicine I thought I was supposed to go. Anyhow we both ended up at the vets office at the same time. I pulled beside him. It was raining and kind of chilly. He was sitting in his vehicle with his windshield wipers going and his lights on. I waved and smiled. Then I had a great idea show him some boob and make his day. I was getting everything ready and was just about to pull out the goods when his window went down. IT WAS NOT MY HUSBAND!!! You see he was in his company vehicle that has dark tinted windows. He had gone into the vets office while his coworker stayed in the car to wait on him. Do you know what would have happened if he had not rolled down his window at that exact moment? I would be packing my stuff and moving. I do still keep asking myself the same question repeatedly, why? Why did he roll down his window right then? I am very glad he did. He saved my dignity. Lesson learned. Keep the strip shows for the hubby at home

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