Monday, July 30, 2007

My body is not what it used to be

So my DH and I were talking about having another baby. Nothing serious just talking. I was asking him what he thought about me trying to have a VBAC next time around. He said "A what?" I told him that it means I would try and have my next child "regular" ( I am using man terms for his sake) instead of a c-section. He said "why it was so easy to have the c-section." OK it was not easy!!!!! Easy for him maybe for me not so much. Anyway I got to thinking maybe it would be easier. I told him well if I did have a c-section I would still have the vagina of a twenty year old. Without missing a beat he said "wow are you going to have vaginaplasty?" "You know you and your vagina are thirty." Thanks honey your the best.

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Sara said...

Not sure if I have introduced myself but I was "blog surfing" and found your blog. We have been talking about having a second also but for us it will be at least another year.