Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bathroom Floor

OK so I am a completely grossed out by germs. My little pumpkin is not. It is completely fine with her to eat off the floor. She is so fast. I know that I cannot keep her in a bubble, but it is completely grossing me out. I just hope that I can keep her from doing what I saw a child doing yesterday..........
I am out shopping and I had to pee. (For those who know me you know I must have REALLY had to pee to g0 into a public bathroom) So I roll K in her stroller into the handicap stall. I am squatting and peeing, and I look down and there are two eyes looking at me. I am startled. It is a little boy and he is now waving. He has crawled all they way from the first stall down to mine (the last) on his belly, hands, knees, whatever. I never said anything, but I was like wow. Now this little boy was not old enough to walk. There are so many reasons why he should not have been on the floor in a public bathroom and while germs is a big one, what about someone snatching him up and taking him? I finished what I was doing and made my way to the sink. When I was at the sink the mother came out of her stall and went to the next one to retrieve her son. Then they both walk out. That's right she did not wash her hands or the baby's that had just been crawling on the floor. I really hoped that I did not see them at the food court. I mean come on is it me or is that just nasty???


Anonymous said...

Hey Kim it's me...Susie. That is so disgusting! I hate public bathrooms also. I can't believe the woman didn't wash her hands, that is just nasty.

Terena said...

Interesting to know.