Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It Has Been Awhile

Wow I have not been able to blog in a long time. I am having computer problems. I have been busy. My dad had knee surgery. I have been having to drive two hours each way everyday to go see him. He is doing much better now.

In more exciting news K has really began to talk. It happened all at once. DH went out of town and when he came home she was talking. She is growing up so fast.

My SIL is due any day now. I am so excited. OK so I have a question. You know that when K was born I had an emergency c-section. I had always dreamed of giving birth and having my mom in the room, well it just didn't work out. I have always felt like I let my mom down because she was really excited about being there for the birth and all. So my SIL tells me today that she is planning on asking my mom to be in the room when her baby is born. I am jealous! My question is am I just being too sensitive? I love my SIL and I want her labor and delivery to go just as she has planned, but I am still a little green.

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Susiewearsthepants said...

It's probably normal for you to feel this way. Your baby's unexpected early arrival definitely shook things up. I think you will still have a chance to have your mom in the time :)