Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Husband Has a Mistress

My Husband has a mistress. I will call her Ava. She has been around for a long time. I knew about her before we were married. I knew that after we were married she would remain in his life. I am sure she will be in his life forever. You would think that after nine years of marriage I would come first, but that is not always the case. She calls at all hours of the day and night. I cannot begin to count the number of holidays and family events he has missed because of her. A few years ago, “M” who is five came to live with us. He was a result of Ava. My husband had to go away for five weeks when he found out that M was coming. I went to visit him and M for a few days. Let me tell you M hated me! The feeling was mutual. I did not want him in my house. I thought that I had made a huge mistake letting my husband take on this responsibility. My friends and family told me I was crazy. I could have put my foot down, but my husband was convinced that it was what he wanted, and he would take complete care of him. For the most part he does. I have on occasion had to keep him why my husband is out of town, but that is rare. He goes to work with him everyday and they have a special bond. I do still get jealous of M. He takes up time that my husband could be spending with our daughter and me. My daughter loves him. He loves her. I was very scared that when we brought my daughter home that M would have issues. He has loved her from day one. I have grown to love him, and he is a part of the family now.

You are probably wondering why I put up with this. The truth is I have often thought about giving him an ultimatum that it is her or me. Then I have to remember she has made him into the person he is today. Without her, I am afraid that he would not have any goals or ambition. Because of her, my husband went to college. He is the first person in his family EVER to go to college. Therefore, I will continue to put up with her. After all, I have a husband that many consider a hero and a “fire sniffer” black lab named M that my daughter and I adore.

***I have read different stories like this from other fire and police wives. This is mine.***

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